Food Roulette

Roulette is a fun game of chance that could mean winning big but could also mean losing big. If you’re someone who loves taking a safe risk and trying something new, why not try food roulette? It’s just as fun as the original version, but a whole lot tastier.

How to Play

You can play food roulette by using a traditional roulette wheel, but instead of the regular rules, you can place small food items on each space. If you land on that space, you eat what’s there. You might also place slips of paper on each space, each one telling you what you’ll eat when you land there. If you don’t have a roulette wheel handy, consider playing with dice and assigning each food item a number rolled.

Who Should Play

Anyone can play food roulette! If you’re not sure of the rules you can read all about the game at Live Roulette Casino, but kids and adults alike can enjoy a rousing game of food roulette. In fact, the game is a great way to encourage picky kids to try new foods. And if you have any adults in your life who aren’t very adventurous, challenge them to try something new by playing food roulette at dinnertime or during a party. Likewise, if you’re in a food rut and always eating the same things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, food roulette is a great way to build new items into your repertoire and keep from getting bored at mealtime.

Fun Variations

There are a few fun ways to mix the game up and keep it fresh and new at the same time. Perhaps instead of putting actual food items on the roulette wheel, put recipes on the wheel that you’ve been wanting to try. Give the wheel a spin and you’ll instantly know what you’re having for dinner. If you love traditional roulette, you’ll love playing it with food. No one will be able to turn down a fun game of roulette that ends in enjoying brand new and tasty foods.