Wine with Dinner

Choosing the right drink for your main course is often the last thing on your mind. The most special meals deserve amazing wines to go with them, so here is our easy guide to making the best matches.Turkey: Bear in mind that Turkey is low in fat and mild-flavoured, so you will need a medium-bodied wine that is low in tannins. For something different, try a spicy red like a southern-grown Grenache. It will hit the spot, and also go with a variety of sauces.Beef: Classic reds like Claret are great with a rib of beef, which has enough fat to mellow the tannins. Or you could go for Cabernet Merlot, or try the Margaret River wines from Australia. It’s worth spending a bit more on these wines.Ham: Hams with a lovely glaze are a popular favourite of many, and you could go for a full-bodied beer with a hint of sweetness, like a Porter. For a red wine option, look for one with sweet red fruits to echo the sweet glaze. Try an Aussie Shiraz or Chilean Merlot.Chicken: Classic stirred cocktails make a great match for roasted chicken. Hops admittedly help balance the caramel and complement the heat of spicy chicken. Sakes are also great when paired with grilled, seared or stuffed chicken. Try pairing a Pale Ale, or a good quality Japanese Sake, with your chicken dish.A golden rule when matching wine with food is that the flavour of the wine shouldn’t be more or less powerful than the food.A general tip – have a full-bodied white and a medium-bodied red on the table, and splash out on a good sweet wine to go with dessert. That’s sure to keep everyone in a festive spirit.